Game of Thrones = Rock-Paper-Scissors

Here's a cute little video I threw together this week as we await the season 5 finale on Sunday:

The logic behind Game of Thrones = Rock-Paper-Scissors

Building a great story like Game of Thrones is a lot like a Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The concept of Good vs. Evil in storytelling is an over-simplification because typically in a good story neither side is ever pure one way or another. That said, I’ve always thought that ro-sham-bo was a good analogy for a more realistic approach to taking on multiple characters and their motivations.

Then two of my favorite moments in the current season of Game of Thrones jumped out at me as a metaphor for this. First in episode 4, when Jamie Lannister surprised himself after blocking a sword attack from a Dorne soldier by using his golden hand. The next was episode 8 when Jon Snow surprised both himself and his attacker when his Valyrian steel sword was able to withstand a strike from the White Walker. Immediately I applied my ro-sham-bo logic to this analogy:

The Lannisters beat the Starks (ROCK beats SCISSORS).

A White Walker would beat a Lannister (PAPER beats ROCK).

Valyrian steel can kill a White Walker (SCISSORS beats PAPER).

All that said, I also believe that Fire will ultimately beat all three, one way or another. I’m looking forward to seeing how this logic plays out for the rest of the series.



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