I threw the following video together a few months ago after watching Christopher Sherwood's awesome edit, The Path of a Lightsaber. With a lot of people still wondering how Maz Kanata got a hold of it, here is my attempt to answer that question.

These clips have been rolling around in my head since it was revealed that Luke's severed hand and lost lightsaber would be the macguffin after being found floating through space. When that story originally made headlines, I will say I was a little worried about how The Force Awakens would turn out (I do have issues with the movie, but overall I enjoyed it). Not only was it a silly idea and bad visual, but the seeds for how someone might find a lost relic had already been planted since we met the Jawas scavenging old droids in A New Hope. In The Empire Strikes Back it was the Ugnaughts (the pig dudes!) in cloud city that you would go to if you lost something or had problems with your droid. They would have been the first to recognize the lightsaber had enough value to not throw in an incinerator. In fact, there's another theory floating around that Maz is a Jawa... I personally don't buy that one, but the fun of these theories is what gives me my Star Wars fix in between movie releases. There's probably another Star Wars reality show spinoff waiting to happen, based on Pawn Stars and Storage Wars... Remember how good Troops was? I would so watch that.

I've digressed. Here you go:

So I guess it's also possible that Jordan Peele made a decent profit by selling the missing lightsaber after getting dissed by Lando Calrissian... but that's not official canon.

Maybe this explanation is too easy? What do you think? Agree or disagree, yell your thoughts at me on Twitter, @dannyroew.