The child in me really wishes that what I'm about to tell you is true... that the following selfie is real and I risked my life by opening my visor because the glare on my helmet was just too bright for the photo opportunity. Of course everything went well and I lived to blog about it.

...However this (and like much of most what you see on social media), is a forgery of epic proportions:

I do prefer to stay behind the camera and I'm not aware of any good production photos taken of me in years. I also believe that to take a selfie it has to be a somewhat noteworthy moment or else those memories are likely to get lost in the crowd... Quality over quantity. But I happened to be bored the other day (#hypocrite!) so I threw this together. I finally put to use this really cool (and cheap) helmet, and who knows... maybe someone (Elon Musk) will hire me to stage the next moon (Mars) landing. I'll try to make more of these in the future.

I shot this on my Sony a7S II with a flash to get the halo on the visor to glow. I also used a couple of Aputure LED panels, one behind the helmet and another just above the lens. Lastly, I had some flexible LED lights from Ikea mounted inside around the collar of the space helmet. Finally, below is the background photo taken by NASA that I found via Wikimedia Commons.