I'm super stoked that Vice.com was interested enough in our movie to write this. And yeah, you read that right... We didn't just make a movie, we made a drinking game in the form of a movie. Hopefully this is a first of its kind.

It seems everyone is expecting this movie to be a sing-along when it's really a drink-along. There are several drinking games you can play just by watching along with the movie. Please be responsible and don't try to track all of these things at once, but for maximum pleasure I do encourage you to have repeat viewings and try a new game each time. The following are a some guidelines:

  • Drink (whiskey) whenever Whiskey Joe (Joey Fatone) drinks (disclaimer: professional drinkers only)
  • Drink every time one of our "7" heroes are either introduced, turned or killed
  • Drink every time you recognize the same extra or background zombie that shouldn't be there (hey, this was a low budget film and recycling is good for the environment)
  • Drink every time there's a cameo (watch closely, there are many!)
  • Drink every time you hear a gun cocking or knife being pulled
  • Drink every time you see a head shot
  • Drink every time Johnny Vermillion (A.J. McLean) laughs

I will gladly update this list after fans get a chance to see the film and come up with their own. So you still have a few days to stock up, because you don't wanna get caught running out of whiskey!