It seems these days for every image a computer generates, it creates its own problems as well. Looking back at 1993's Jurassic Park, it's amazing to see that it's still one of the best made films that incorporates modern computer generated imagery. However over twenty years later, it's hard to find a film that can subtly blend live action and CGI without looking fake.

The reason we've arrived at this point is because the visual effects industry was born out of a necessity to supplement practical effects, but it too quickly outgrew itself. Nowadays, many younger VFX artists have come into the picture without the practical experience that the artists in the 90's had... Just because it's now possible to do a scene completely in CG doesn't mean that you should.

Unfortunately a lot of artists and special effects houses that focused on practical effects have been deemed obsolete, or as Dr. Ian Malcom said in Jurassic Park, "Don't you mean extinct?" However that craft isn't obsolete at all, the industry needs them now more than ever.

Check out the following video from the StoryBrain YouTube Channel as they further explain what is happening to our psyche when we're overloaded with CGI: